Is the Ford F-250 Super Duty Worthy of Being a Personal Vehicle?

Today, the F-150 is the most versatile of Ford's F-Series, offering cutting-edge innovations as a personal vehicle, as well as work-capable towing and hauling. The F-Series Super Duty designates models that skew more heavily toward the work side of things.

That doesn't stop many drivers from choosing the Super Duty as their personal truck, however.

Recently, Car and Driver rated the 2017 F-250, and found it powerful, but somewhat wanting in areas that make a great family car. Its display screen was small and didn't accept touch input, and they measured its real-world fuel economy at 13 mpg. That's sure to burn a hole in your wallet if you're driving it every day.

Some of the lack of luxury features stems from the fact that Car and Driver tested the base trim level with just a few add-ons. The F-250 King Ranch, or F-250 Platinum would have given them a much better impression of the truck's daily livability compared to the fleet-spec model they were driving. Unfortunately, the more luxurious trims would have added weight, and only exacerbated the fuel economy issue.

Our recommendation? There's a reason the F-150 is our best-selling pickup. It will be a better bargain for an all-around family truck, while the F-250 is the way to go if you absolutely need the extra power.

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