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Here at North Star Ford, we know one thing you definitely won't regret is servicing your vehicle before a fun and exciting summer trip. Handling car trouble on a grand adventure is never part of the plan.


At least there are still a few fun things in life you can indulge in. #NoRegrets #FordFocusST

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The experts who staff our service center are always ready to prep your vehicle for extensive summer travel. We'll perform whatever service and maintenance your vehicle needs, including oil changes and tire rotations, front end alignments, fluid flushes, batter tests and so much more. We're here to deliver top-quality service and pay attention to your vehicle where it matters most. Our mission is to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition so you can continue to enjoy many summers to come.

Drive with confidence and peace of mind knowing our team took an extra hard look at your vehicle and made sure it was ready for the elements. Schedule an appointment today by calling us or doing so online.

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