Tips for Road Tripping With Your Family Pets

When you travel with your pet long distances, you should invest in a ventilated carrier. It should be comfortable and let your dog or cat stand, sit or lie down. Feed your pet a light meal before departing on the road and never feed them when traveling. Never leave your pet alone in a hot car in the winter or cold car in the summer. Makes sure your pet has identification a tag with an ID and your home address and phone on it; many pets have a microchip for identification. When traveling across state lines bring a record of your pet's shots, as some states require this.

For cars bring a pet travel kit with food bowl, pet food, scoop, water, medications, and pet toys. Bottled water is better than tap. When traveling by airline tell the airline staff about your pet and have them check on your pet. Purchase a USDA shipping crate and label it with all information for the airlines. Last, but not least, be sure to keep your upholstery cleaned after traveling with your loved pet!

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