How to Select the Right Motor Oil for Your Vehicle

You may have noticed the numbers that label motor oil of different types. These numbers, like 10W-30 or 10W-40, indicate the viscosity of the motor oil or its resistance to flow. A low viscosity oil flows easily, while a high viscosity oil flows slowly.

The ideal viscosity for engine oil is related to the operating temperature of the car, and the viscosity of any oil is affected by the temperature. The two numbers in the viscosity rating indicate the measurement in both low and high temperatures and the "W" that separates them stands for "winter." Low viscosity oils help to get your car running quickly in the winter, while high viscosity oils protect your engine in hot conditions.

The friendly, resourceful technicians at NorthStar Ford in Duluth can provide great advice as well as knowledgeable oil service and maintenance. Stop in to service your car and ensure it runs well in all temperatures.

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