Hop Inside a Brand-New Ford Fusion Energi at NorthStar Ford

The Ford Fusion is a blank canvas for Ford engineers to paint their masterpieces. Most people see the standard, gasoline-powered version of the Fusion. These vehicles are prevalent everywhere from airports to city centers and suburbs. The Fusion Energi is specifically designed to be driven in cities- the effective range of the battery is about 20 miles- which is perfect for driving in the city.

The Ford Fusion was never built to be a speed demon. There are some high-performance versions of the Fusion built for use by police departments but most of them are commuter vehicles. The Ford Fusion Energi continues this aesthetic. The vehicle's primary purpose is to have phenomenal gas mileage and be able to move people easily and cheaply.

Hop Inside a Brand New Ford Fusion Energi. Visit our showroom in Duluth today!




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