Ford Fusion: Technology Makes Driving Efficient and Fun

The Ford Fusion is a popular midsize car that is packed with technology. Some of the systems are the Brake Coach and the fuel selection platform.

Regenerative braking captures energy. The Fusion uses this science to save the power created by braking, and it sends the power back to the battery to be saved for later. A Brake Coach teaches the driver how to use the system most effectively. The Coach monitors and tracks how much power you are saving.

The Fusion Plug-In Hybrid with EV Mode allows the driver to choose either gas or plug-in power. The Now mode uses plug-in power, and the Later mode uses gas at first, but it will switch to plug-in power later on. You can combine the different driving modes to create the best gas mileage for your trip.

Stop by and visit our showroom at NorthStar Ford to take a test drive and experience more of the technology of the Ford Fusion.



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