Ford Mustang Performance Features

The all-new 2019 Mustang is one of the top vehicles in the sports car class. This is due to a combination of performance modes and new adaptive suspension, that includes a better active valve performance. You truly get to have amazing control over the latest Mustang with all new trims. There are three different engines to choose from, including the Shelby GT V8 that can put out over 500-horsepower.

There are also new performance modes that are built in for convenience, such as the Quiet Start and sport mode, or the Track mode. Any of these can be used to change and tune the engine for your driving experience. Want to make sure that you don’t wake the neighbors, then the quiet mode option is just what you need.

Test drive the all new Mustang and see what all of the performance options are on site. You can get into a new Mustang today. Check out the Mustang at NorthStar Ford located in Duluth.



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