What Kind of Steering Mechanism Does the Ford EcoSport Utilize?

Some can remember driving around Duluth with unassisted steering and huge steering wheels to get the most leverage against the pressures exerted on the rack and pinion steering system. Many more people can remember the hydraulic assist, or power steering, which is still on the road in many vehicles today. But, most new drivers think of the electronic assist steering system that makes steering your car so easy.

Though rumors persist that the electronic assist steering system has replaced the physical rack and pinion mechanism, that system is still there. The electronic assist steering system, like the one used in the EcoSport, sends your steering instructions to a torque module that transmits that information on to the physical mechanism. The electronic system communicates with the car’s central computer as well.

At NorthStar Ford, our certified technicians monitor the torque module during each service to maintain your driving safety.



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