Ford Escape: Technology Details For Convenience

If you're looking for comfort in a vehicle, then consider the convenient features available in the Ford Escape. The heated steering wheel keeps your hands warm even on the coldest of days. The heated seats are also beneficial in the winter months. The only downfall with these features is that the rear seats aren't heated.

The navigation system is one that offers all of the latest details from viewing maps to entering information about where you want to go in Duluth and seeing gas stations and other popular destinations that you might need. However, you aren't able to input any information while you're driving, which is a safety feature of the vehicle.

Another feature that you might enjoy in the vehicle is that music is paused when you receive a phone call or a text message. However, you're unable to respond to text messages while you're driving. Visit NorthStar Ford for more information about the technology features that can make being in the Escape more convenient.



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