The 2019 Ford Ranger is Ready For Rough Terrains

After an extended absence from the American automotive market, the 2019 Ford Ranger makes an awesome comeback. This light-duty pickup truck at NorthStar Ford has a tough design that withstands harsh conditions.

Having a high-strength design, the vehicle's steel frame is unlikely to bend or deform from exposure to normal and extreme outdoor elements. Six cross members make up the core of the car's robust body. Also having a steel composition, the tow hooks and bumpers have impressive durability. You can add chrome to the bumpers and other exterior installations for enhanced aesthetic appeal.

The 2019 Ranger in Duluth is equipped with an independent front suspension system that sits on double A-arms. Pressurized by nitrogen gas, the shock absorbers perform much better than traditional components that are only filled with air. Having parabolic shapes, the pickup truck's leaf springs stabilize the rear suspension system on bumpy surfaces. The low-friction design significantly improves shock absorption in the rear of the chassis.



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