Ford Fusion Hybrid: Key Features For Efficiency And Comfort

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a gas-electric combination that can mean a decrease in your fuel bill for your vehicle. There are a few design features that make the car fun and comfortable to drive as well. The Ford Co-Pilot 360 is a standard feature on the vehicle. It offers lane assistance as well as a pre-collision warning system.

EcoGuide provides fuel efficiency information so that you can see how much fuel and electricity you're using while traveling in Duluth. All of the screens are configurable to how you want them to look. While looking at the screen, you'll see a Brake Coach that aids in enhancing your fuel efficiency. NorthStar Ford can assist with changing the screens as needed.

Dual climate control is standard. There are at least 10 different positions for the front seats so that you're comfortable when you're driving or if you're a passenger. All of the bulbs on the exterior of the vehicle are of an LED design so that they are brighter.



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