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Why the Ford Super Duty is a Leader in Productivity

Heavy-duty trucks fans have made the Ford Super duty more popular than ever. That's because the Super Duty offers a number of class-exclusive productivity features. Here is what's available on the current Super Duty.

The Super Duty offers a class-exclusive tailgate step with tailgate assist. Now accessing the bed of a heavy-duty truck is easier than ever. You can easily stow the tailgate step in the bed of the truck when not in use.

Another class-exclusive productivity feature of the Ford Super Duty is the amazing Boxlink system. 


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Technical Fun In The Mustang

When you get inside the Ford Mustang, you'll notice right away that it offers several technology features that make driving in Duluth a bit more comfortable. You'll be able to choose how the gauges are designed including the colors that are used. Track Apps is a feature that allows you to conveniently see the metric details on the gauges in a way that you understand.

Keep track of acceleration times as well as the times that you've had for laps made on the road. 

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Explore the Convenience Features in the Ford Flex

How important is convenience when you’re driving down the highway? If you’re like most people, you want as many convenience features as possible, and the Ford Flex is loaded with convenience features your whole family will love. Our team at NorthStar Ford would love the opportunity to show this vehicle off to you and let you experiment with many of its features.

One of the Flex’s most popular convenience features is a large amount of cargo space after you fold down the first and second-row seats. 

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Expectations of The 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid

If you're on the market for a new sedan, then look no further than the 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid. This vehicle comes in a mid-range size, and it's being offered in numerous trim levels. Good gas efficiency can be expected as well as stunning good-looks.

The interior of the 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid is exceptionally constructed. You and your passengers should get a good amount of legroom and a good amount of headroom. All of the controls are in arm's reach of the driver for convenience. The new Fusion Hybrid offers front door storage, a

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Drive In Style With The Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta, a popular subcompact, is a car well-worth checking out. This car may be compact in size, but it's huge in style and character. Here at NorthStar Ford, we have been showing this car to lots of customers in Duluth, and we invite you to stop by and take one for a test drive.

This car will certainly make a bold statement wherever you go with all of the amazing and fun exterior color options that are available. You can choose from ten different color choices with names like Bohai 

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The Ford EcoSport Is The Compact Crossover of Choice

If you're on the market for an automobile that's fuel efficient, easy on the eyes and full of fine amenities, then look no further than the Ford EcoSport. This crossover vehicle is quite small, but it will leave a huge imprint on your daily usage.

The 2020 Ford EcoSport has styling that's beyond belief. First and foremost, consumers will love the ambient-interior lighting of the cabin. This ambient lighting is soft in tone, and it will change colors for a specific amount of time. The EcoSport's interior is intricate and masterfully crafted just like its exterior…

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Taking A Look At The Capability Features Of The Ford Explorer

Some of the latest Ford Explorer models available are quite astounding in terms of what they are capable of doing. We wanted to take a quick look at a few of those features right now.

?LED Lights - These are much more powerful than standard vehicle lights and help you see better when traveling at night or just through difficult weather.

Extra Seating - There is plenty of seating in the latest Ford Explorer models so you don't have to worry about anyone being excluded from your next trip wherever that may end up taking you.


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Ford Edge packed with capability features

If you are looking for an affordable SUV or crossover vehicle to drive in Duluth, you can't go wrong with the Ford Edge. Not only is it affordable and sporty, it also has a ton of options when it comes to its capability features. Here are a few of them.

One of the reasons people typically buy SUVs is to get all-wheel drive, and the Edge doesn't disappoint. This crossover vehicle offers intelligent all-wheel drive with sensors that constantly monitor traction and adjust accordingly. The Edge also comes equipped with LED headlights and fog lamps to help you…

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The Ford Flex Ensures Your Comfort

Families love their Flex for the interior space the three-row SUV provides. But, it is not all about space. The interior is quite comfortable too. The latest models have been improved to enhance comfort features. See why the SUV is a preferred vehicle by visiting our NorthStar Ford location. Take a Flex for a quick road test.

Flex lets new owners the option of choosing the seating configuration that suits individual needs. The standard version includes front seats bucket seats. The second row has a split bench that accommodates up to three passengers. The third-row seats two. 

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It Is Important to Know Your Options As Your Ford Lease Expires

You already know that a lease is different than a purchase. Eventually, the lease on your Ford will expire. It is at that point that you need to know what you would like to do next. NorthStar Ford would like to briefly tell you about some of your options.

One thing that you might want to do is just buy the car outright. You can certainly do that. There is a residual price spelled out in your contract. That makes the process pretty straight forward and hassle-free. You also do not have to worry if you exceeded your allowed miles…

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