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A Look At The Ford EcoSport's Capability Features

When Duluth drivers are searching for a new vehicle, they need look no further than the new Ford EcoSport. This popular compact SUV is jam-packed with capability features that allow it to handle just about any job.

Here at NorthStar Ford, we have been especially impressed with the EcoSport's innovative automated stop-start technology. This fabulous feature is the perfect way to conserve energy on the road. When the EcoSport comes to a stop at a traffic light, the stop-start feature automatically shuts off the engine. When it is time to hit the road again, the engine automatically starts
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Ford Escape Interior Features Overview

The Ford Escape was redesigned recently to have an incredible new interior that is spacious and technologically advanced. The new tech package comes standard in the Escape, which includes Sync 3 with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can also upgrade the interior with some of the other trims, which include sportier interior designs and other tech features.

Want to get a moon roof or GPS? These are some of the premium upgrades available with Escape. You can upgrade for hands-free, voice-activated navigation, as well as the surround sound and entertainment features...
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An Overview of the Ford Flex Technological Features

We live in a high-tech age. Tech features are some of the more important selling points on cars. The Ford Flex technological features include some of the most highly regarded in the industry. The Ford Flex comes with active park assist, a feature that aids in parallel parking. The car also has the Blind Spot Information System or BLIS. BLIS works to protect against otherwise unforeseen hazards.

Another of the Ford Flex safety features is rearview camera. This technology include a backup grid that enhances the overall safety of the vehicle. In addition, the Ford Flex has adaptive cruise...



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What Should You Do When Your Ford Lease Ends?

Make a smart and informed decision when lease-end time comes. Once a year term ends, a driver needs to make a decision about what to do next. Rushing into a decision won't be helpful. You want to make the best decision so you go forward with the most desirable Ford car.

Did you know you can buy the car once the lease ends? The dealer puts the car up for sale once returned. Why shouldn't the new owner be you if you like the car? You already paid the depreciation on the vehicle. Make a decent offer and…

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Ford 2020 Lineup

Ford has decided to completely revamp their vehicle lineup for the 2020 manufacture year. The market has been somewhat stale the past couple of years. A lack of improvements and announcements have caused Ford to step up and take a chance. They will be replacing or revamping up to 75 percent of their current lineup. Four new trucks and SUVs are coming as well. As a consumer you can expect to see all kinds of new technology that will advance connectivity to a whole new level. There are also new engine options coming along that will increase power as well…
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Discover the 2018 Ford Expedition's Continuously Controlled Dampening

Recent advances in automotive technology haven't just focused on driver safety. They've also delivered enhanced performance by leveraging today's computer processor power to harness the latest sensor technology. One example of this is Ford's Continuously Controlled Damping technology.

The Expedition's Continuously Controlled Damping system monitors an array of over 40 different motion sensors to adjust the SUV's suspension and powertrain to road conditions. Using real-time computer processing, the system can respond to road conditions within a few milliseconds. 


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Do You Understand Your Truck's Payload and Towing Capacity?

Knowing the difference between payload and towing capacity can help you determine if you have too much weight in your truck. Excess weight in the cab and bed of a truck can overload the frame, suspension, and chassis, causing damage that may need expensive and extensive repairs to fix.

Both the payload and towing capacity are based on the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, but they are two completely different numbers. Since a truck can generally tow much more weight than it can carry, the towing capacity will be much more than the payload capacity. Mixing up the two numbers can…

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Ford Mustang Performance Features

The all-new 2019 Mustang is one of the top vehicles in the sports car class. This is due to a combination of performance modes and new adaptive suspension, that includes a better active valve performance. You truly get to have amazing control over the latest Mustang with all new trims. There are three different engines to choose from, including the Shelby GT V8 that can put out over 500-horsepower.

There are also new performance modes that are built in for convenience, such as the Quiet Start and sport mode, or the Track mode. Any of these can be used to…
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Ford Fusion: Technology Makes Driving Efficient and Fun

The Ford Fusion is a popular midsize car that is packed with technology. Some of the systems are the Brake Coach and the fuel selection platform.

Regenerative braking captures energy. The Fusion uses this science to save the power created by braking, and it sends the power back to the battery to be saved for later. A Brake Coach teaches the driver how to use the system most effectively. The Coach monitors and tracks how much power you are saving.

The Fusion Plug-In Hybrid with EV Mode allows the driver to choose either gas or plug-in power. The Now mode…
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The Ford Expedition FX4 Off-Road Package

SUVs are known for not only being able to carry large loads but also for carrying a numerous amount of passengers as well. One of the most popular full-size SUVs on the market right now is the Ford Expedition. While offering a plethora of features, it also has some cool packages that could grab one's attention as well.

The FX4 Off-Road Package has everything you could ever need for your next off-road journey. It comes with high-quality off-road shocks, an electronic limited-slip differential, a radiator, two-speed automatic four-wheel drive...

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