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An Overview of The Explorer ST

The Ford Explorer now has a performance version, and it has garnered all types of attention since its release. This amazing SUV is primed for high performance, and it looks good in the process. Let's see exactly what this four-door beast has to offer.

The Ford Explorer ST is a remarkable vehicle as it seats up to six people, and it provides as much as 87.8 cubic-feet of total cargo space. Unlike the standard trim, which produces up to 365 horsepower, the ST trim produced as much as 400 horsepower. Pound-feet of torque comes in at 415. This…

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Review Of The 2019 Ford Transit Connect Convenience Features

Everyone loves having conveniences. To get them on a vehicle is even better. That’s why the 2019 Ford Transit, which is a popular compact SUV is the best vehicle to get. You can have the convenience you want and a whole lot more. It’s time you check out this vehicle.

Looking at two very convenient features that most people would be considering to be important are ample storage and flexible seating. With ample storage, you get overhead areas where you can put things and the side door panels


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Work Smarter With the Ford Super Duty

The Ford Super Duty is a popular heavy-duty pickup that many people use for work and hauling heavy items. The frame is made with high-strength steel to ensure that the frame is rigid and able to handle plenty of use. The four-by-four models come with a solid axle design to hold up to rough conditions like in construction sites.

This truck makes the ride more comfortable when going over uneven surfaces. It withstands rocking with a boxed frame offering superior support and strength. The solid axle allows owners to attach equipment to the truck and use it to clear roads…
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The Ford EcoSport Has Dozens of Technologies

The Ford EcoSport has many technologies that provide entertainment and systems that boost safety. If you buy an EcoSport, you'll take advantage of these technologies on a regular basis.

Ford's standout technology for safety is the Blind Spot Information System. This technology works very effectively on busy roads because it always alerts when another automobile is in a blind spot. SYNC 3 is another great safety feature since it's designed with Apple CarPlay. Thanks to this interface, the software recognizes voice commands, which means that can driver


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Ford Mustang Technology Features

The 2020 Mustang is the best version of the sports car that Ford has ever made. With the latest engine performance upgrades and tons of technology features, you'll love how it feels to drive this powerhouse sports car up and down the highway in complete comfort and safety. Standard features on the latest Mustang include the SYNC infotainment system, which connects to a touch-screen LCD, six-speaker audio, Ford's MyKey safety system, and FordPass Connect. You can now unlock your vehicle with your phone!

The latest optional features are amazing for those who want the full...
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Ford Escape: Technology Details For Convenience

If you're looking for comfort in a vehicle, then consider the convenient features available in the Ford Escape. The heated steering wheel keeps your hands warm even on the coldest of days. The heated seats are also beneficial in the winter months. The only downfall with these features is that the rear seats aren't heated.

The navigation system is one that offers all of the latest details from viewing maps to entering information about where you want to go in Duluth and seeing gas stations and other popular destinations that you might need. However, you 

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Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Built With Flexibility in Mind

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon offers seating for eight to 15 passengers, giving you the flexibility that you need. This popular full-size passenger wagon boasts a host of capability features to ensure that you get through Duluth and beyond with ease.

Ford understands that you need to use your Transit Passenger Wagon for hauling. This is why this workhorse features 100.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind the last row when configured correctly. There are a variety of choices with this van. The 130-inch wheelbase configuration will seat eight passengers comfortably
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Ford Fusion Hybrid: Key Features For Efficiency And Comfort

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a gas-electric combination that can mean a decrease in your fuel bill for your vehicle. There are a few design features that make the car fun and comfortable to drive as well. The Ford Co-Pilot 360 is a standard feature on the vehicle. It offers lane assistance as well as a pre-collision warning system.

EcoGuide provides fuel efficiency information so that you can see how much fuel and electricity you're using while traveling in Duluth. All of the screens are configurable to how you want them to look...


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The Powerful Ford F-150 Pickup

The F-150 remains the pickup of choice when someone needs a reliable work truck. The pickup is also favored for recreational activities. Recently introduced models have upgrades designed to enhance power and performance. Experience the truck's capability by stopping at our NorthStar Ford facility and taking a road test.

New owners have the chance to choose the level of power and performance they prefer by selecting an F-150 with one of six different engines. The 2.7-liter, six-cylinder, turbocharged engine delivers up to 325 horsepower.


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The Ford Edge ST: Innovation, Ingenuity & Practicality

The Ford Edge ST is here, and it has made a huge splash with SUV enthusiasts everywhere. This particular vehicle is the enhanced model of the traditional Ford Edge. Though both SUVs have a lot to offer, the ST's character is far different than its cousin and here is why.

Aggressive styling and plenty of functionality is what the Edge ST is all about. Though this particular vehicle is a compact SUV, it still possesses an aerodynamic shape. This allows the vehicle to cut through the wind with precision....


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