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Get in Gear and Take Your Ford Explorer Out on the Road

The Ford Explorer has been a leader in its field for years. Through that time, it's gone through redesigns and updates to continue to keep drivers satisfied. The 2018 model offers three rows of seating, so you can have plenty of space in back.

To make sure you can safely haul your cargo, the SUV has an available trailer sway control. This system can automatically brake and adjust the power coming from the engine so that you can maintain control of wheat's behind you. Another system that the Explorer has is Curve Control....


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For Smart Driving, Choose the Tech-Savvy Ford Flex

When your vehicle is equipped with the right technology, driving becomes simple. The Ford Flex, a popular three-row midsize SUV, boasts an intelligent design and plenty of great tech features.

Every Flex comes with a rear view camera, which makes backing up a breeze. When the Flex is put in reverse, the camera image pops up on the vehicle's center-stack screen. Drivers can also utilize the backup assist grid, which guides drivers when they're backing up in reverse. The Flex is also equipped with AdvanceTrac, which keeps track of the vehicle's roll and turning rates. When the…

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Hop Inside a Brand-New Ford Fusion Energi at NorthStar Ford

The Ford Fusion is a blank canvas for Ford engineers to paint their masterpieces. Most people see the standard, gasoline-powered version of the Fusion. These vehicles are prevalent everywhere from airports to city centers and suburbs. The Fusion Energi is specifically designed to be driven in cities- the effective range of the battery is about 20 miles- which is perfect for driving in the city.

The Ford Fusion was never built to be a speed demon. There are some high-performance versions of the Fusion built for use by police departments but most of them are commuter vehicles. The Ford...


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The Unique Ford F-150 Raptor

The Ford F-150 truck is the top selling truck in the United States. It has a long track record of being a reliable vehicle that gets the job done. The F-150 Raptor is a version of the F-150 that has a unique exterior and some well-designed interior features.

The front seats in the F-150 Raptor have 10-way power control. The seat on the driver's side also has a built-in memory. The seat easily adjusts to the position of each driver's preference. The F-150 Raptor is also equipped with a climate control system that...
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Impressive List of Ford Taurus Design Features

There are many reasons why the all-new Ford Taurus is being called one of the more popular full-size sedans, here are a few of the design features that are setting this vehicle apart from the crowd.

Every model Taurus made this year comes standard with the LED tail lamps. These tail lights have been designed to be brighter than conventional incandescent bulbs, making it easier to see your vehicle in any road conditions. The bulbs also turn on faster and consume a lot less energy than the conventional bulbs.

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Ford Escape Capability Features

Originally released in 2000, the Ford Escape has remained a popular compact crossover SUV. Among the Escape’s capability features is the engine. In fact, there are three available engine choices for you to consider.

The Escape S provides a 165-horsepower, 2.5L inline 4 engine that includes i-VCT variable cam timing. On the other hand, when you want an EcoBoost engine, you may look to the 1.5L option that’s available in both the SE and SEL models. The 245-horsepower, 2.0L EcoBoost, however, offers Twin-Scroll technology for optimal performance. The Escapes six-speed SelectShift...

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A Few of the 2018 Ford C-Max Performance Features

If you are looking to purchase a new compact hybrid, then it can be helpful to know the vehicle’s performance features. The 2018 Ford C-Max was designed for superior performance, which is why its performance capabilities have ranked among the best in its class. Here are a few performance features included with the Ford C-Max.

Brake Coach is included with the C-Max. This system will help you brake in a way that effectively optimizes the amount of energy returned from the brakes. In addition, the vehicles also includes a Regenerative Braking system that stores energy in the lithium-ion...

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The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST Is Packed With Performance Features

Hatchbacks are largely seen as cars that are marketed towards weekend warriors. Those of us who aren't afraid to get dirty and enjoy getting away from it all on the weekends. That is why our team here at NorthStar Ford is excited to announce the new line of 2018 Ford Fiesta ST high-performance hatchbacks.

This vehicle includes AdvanceTrac technology which is a feature that ensures that wheel slip never results in an accident. This affords you more grip on the roads which makes for a smoother ride. It also kicks out an amazing 197 horsepower which makes zipping through…

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Are You Looking For A Pickup Truck That'll Keep You Safe On The Road?

When it comes to having a pickup truck that performs when you need it to, there are many categories to consider when charting performance. One of the most important, but often forgotten things to think about is how your truck increases your safety. The 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor includes features designed to keep you safe while driving.

The 2018 F-150 Raptor comes with AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control. This feature uses gyroscope sensors to measure roll and turning rates then applies selective brakes to ensure you stay upright and on the road. The AdvanceTrac...


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Move Big Loads and Save Money with the Ford F-150 V6

While Ford has increased the capability of its whole fleet, it hasn't neglected the affordable V6. For 2018, Ford has introduced a more capable, more fuel-efficient six-cylinder engine that's a good match for budget-minded Duluth shoppers.

Producing 290 horsepower, the new 3.3-liter V6 engine can switch between port fuel injection and direct fuel injection as the situation requires. This reduces fuel waste while promoting serious performance. Twin independent variable cam timing promotes precision valve opening and closing to match speed demands...

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